Nums: Don’t ban assault rifles … ban hammers!

First, a couple of disclaimers: (1) I don’t own a gun, I’ve never fired a gun … and I don’t plan to do either in my lifetime (2) I’m pro-Constitution, so I hate it when Constitutional rights are stripped away … that’s a very slippery slope  (3) So, despite my personal aversion to guns, I’m not big on infringing other people’s right to own them (4) I love kids and I lived in Trumbull, CT … just down Rt.25 from Newtown … so, I took the school killings hard.

OK, with that out of the way, let’s look at the numbers to see how silly the DC debate has gotten.


Practically all of the political effort is on banning law abiders from owning assault rifles and high capacity ammunition clips.

Below is some FBI data that may surprise you …

According to official FBI statistics …

Almost twice as many people are killed with “clubs & hammers” as are killed with rifles.

More than twice as many people killed with “Hands, fists and feet” as are killed with rifles.

Source: FBI

* * * * *
Question of the day

Instead of banning constitutionally-protected firearms, why aren’t the Feds going after the ever deadly “clubs & hammers”.

Or, even better, why isn’t there legislative action to ban “hands, fists and feet”.

Also, more people were murdered in Chicago last year than were killed by rifles nationwide.

Should Chicago be banned?

C’mon, let’s go after the big stuff …

* * * * *
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One Response to “Nums: Don’t ban assault rifles … ban hammers!”

  1. Mark Davenport Says:

    It’s also true that many more kids die in backyard pools than by guns, as Malcolm Gladwell pointed out. He also astutely pointed out that the perceived enormity of an event (such as a child’s gun death) causes people to take it more seriously as a threat. The current gun debate, for right or wrong, is focused on deterring mass murder rampages, which cannot be carried out with a hammer.

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