Chicago murders: Where’s the outrage?

Here are some interesting nums …

* * * * *

According to the Chicago Police Department

Chicago had 513 murders in 2012 … about average for the past 5 years …  but – on the bright side – only about half the number common 20 years ago.


* * * * *

Though  murder rates were even higher 20 years ago, police “cleared” more two-thirds of Chicago’s homicides then, i.e. arrested & prosecuted somebody.

The clearance rate has dropped below 1 in 3 … largely due to “no snitch” rules of the street.

Murders “Cleared” – Arrest & Prosecution

* * * * *

Over 80% of murder victims were shot … almost all by handguns … most illegally owned handguns … very few by rifles of any kind.


* * * * *

Roughly 25% of the murders were gang or drug related ….

Over 80% of the murder victims were black


Think about it:

Where is the public outrage?

Where are the Congressional hearings?

Where are the Presidential visits condemning the gangs and drug-culture?

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