USPS: When you absolutely, positively need it today … say, what?

It’s the internet’s fault that you may no longer be getting letters delivered on Saturdays anymore.

Yet, the internet could be the USPS’ salvation as Amazon and others look to offer same day delivery.



Here’s what’s happening …

While its letter-carrying business is shrinking, the USPS’s package-delivery business is growing.

In its anxious search to make money any way possible, the agency late last year began testing a same-day delivery service for online purchases.

Amazon’s strategy for consumer domination includes erecting million-square-foot warehouses near the country’s largest cities.

The company has played coy on whether its expanding physical infrastructure signals plans to offer same-day delivery on a wide scale.

If so, it will still need a transportation infrastructure to go along with it.

Enter the USPS.

The Postal Service wouldn’t need to hire new drivers or buy more trucks to offer same-day.

The agency would simply have to adjust where its drivers were going and when.

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Excerpted from Wired’s, “How Amazon Could Save the U.S. Postal Service”


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