Football, band, honors classes, hot lunches … and dead cows … say, what?

This is getting downright silly.

Sequestration will cut less than 3% of Federal spending … about the amount that was granted to Hurricane Sandy states in the whisk of a pen.

Still, President Obama had to broadcast dire consequences in front of a group of firemen … who will have to be laid off, probably causing small children to die in fires.

Give me a break.

We covered this topic earlier this week Football, band, honors classes and hot lunches … here we go again.

Apparently, the folks at Business Insider didn’t read the post.


An article titled “11 Ways The Sequestration Will Ravage The US Government“ … replete with an alarming picture of dead cows.

Technical note: It’s no clear o me how the sequestration will do the cows in.

Also, it’s not clear to me that the cows aren’t just taking a snooze.


What are the 11 Ways The Sequestration Will Ravage The US Government? 

According to Business Insider, the $85 billion might seem like a drop in the bucket, but the  indiscriminate cuts will have consequences.


Because these are apparently the only possible cuts for the Feds to make

  1. Army training will be drastically cut
  2. Military health care will be slashed
  3. The Joint Strike Fighter Program might be cut
  4. The military will have to cut funding for ammunition and fuel
  5. FBI agents will see furloughs
  6. NASA will be more reliant on Russia
  7. Nuclear weapons security will get A huge cut
  8. Foreign aid will be gutted
  9. Food inspection will get slammed
  10. Thousands of Air Traffic Controllers could lose their jobs
  11. Thousands of children won’t get vaccines

Famine, floods, pestilence .. get the picture.

All of the other $3.5 trillion is even more critical than these expenditures.

Gimme a break.

Tomorrow I’ll propose an out-of-the box way to doge this potentially catastrophic bullet.

* * * * *
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