Hey, Arne: Why not Sequester these folks?

Remember Education Secretary Arne Duncan pitching the party line on Sequester, saying that 70,000 teachers would lose their jobs.

Implied: no place else to look for the savings.

Well, the Milton Friedman Foundation crunched some nums, and guess what?

In 25 states, the number of bureaucrats and administrators now outnumber teachers in public schools.

Whoa, Nellie.

Here are the 10 states will the worst staff to teacher ratios.

Start looking there, Arne.

Source: Carpe Diem

Grieves me to see my home state of VA at the top of the list … almost 2 to 1 admin to teachers.


* * * * *

For state-by-state details, check out the cool interactive chart the the Friedman folks put together … everything you need to know about public schools,

* * * * *
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