What do Hangover and Duck Dynasty stars have in common?

What do actor Zach Galifianakis and the cast of “Duck Dynasty” have in common?

They could be the new pitchmen for Twinkies and other beloved Hostess snack brands.


And, there’s more to the marketing plan …

A team that is offering $410 million to buy the Hostess brands out of bankruptcy, said that the “Hangover” star and the reality-television show cast are on the list of famous faces who may be in line to sell Twinkies to a new generation of snackers.

“We have a million A-list celebrities and athletes and so forth that are dying to be associated with the Hostess brands like Twinkies,”

“We are going to be pulling out a couple fabulous names.”

However, it will take more than buzzworthy ad campaigns to get Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos back on grocery shelves

How will the potential new owners of a snack known for its long list of unpronounceable chemical ingredients address a modern health consciousness that values such labels as “organic,” “whole grain” and “all-natural”?

“We don’t want to ruin a wonderfully historically significant brand,”

“As the years go by, we may evaluate opportunities to come out with some different versions of these products and baked goods that are more health-conscious.”

That means consumers could someday see low-fat Twinkies or whole-wheat Twinkies.

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Excerpted from wsj.com’s, “A Low-Fat Twinkie? Not Quite Yet”

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