Sequel: Better to be smart or hot?

Yesterday we posted that Georgetown ranks #4 for having the “smartest & hottest” students.

Turns out that it’s not just the students.

The Georgetown Patch reports that Georgetown University has the #6 “Most Attractive Workforce” in DC.


* * * * *
The rankings were done by some outfit called The Hinge “which accumulated more than one million ratings” … to see which local workplaces had the most attractive employees.


I can only assume that The Hinge was talking about the b-school faculty.

Giddy up.

Thanks to former Patch reporter SMH for feeding the lead.

* * * * *
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One Response to “Sequel: Better to be smart or hot?”

  1. tags Says:

    Bogus list. Unless they mean the staffers, there is no way the Senate is the 2nd most attractive group in DC.

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