Nums: UE rate down to 7.6% … thanks to quitters.

The reported unemployment rate dropped to 7.6% despite a meager 88,000 jobs being added in March.


It’s conventional wisdom that you need more than 200,000 jobs added to move the needle.

So, why did the UE rate go down.

You guessed it: the Labor Force Participation Rate dipped again … more people (about 500,000) stopped looking for jobs … and weren’t counted in the unemployment numbers.


The administration shills have been harping on the Sequester to explain the numbers (even though it didn’t really kick in during March).

They dismiss the idea that the slowdown could be due to:

  1. Increased taxes … especially the payroll tax
  2. ObamaCare
  3. An anti-biz administration

Nope, just not enough government spending.

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