Uno’s 9-grain pizza crust … bet you can’t name the 9 grains!

Having spent 3 tours of duty in Chicago, I’m a deep dish pizza aficionado … and loyal to Uno’s — the best!

Well, last trip in, the server directed our attention to a new twist on the menu:

Nearly 70 years after inventing deep dish pizza, last year Uno’s introduced a new deep dish crust in honor of National Pizza Month.

Uno’s invented deep dish pizza in 1943 and this is another industry first: the nine-grain deep dish crust – which likely cannot be found anywhere else in the world..

Being a curious kinda guy, I asked the server to name the 9-grains.

She named 2 and took off to get the manager.

He named 2 more, but we were still 5 short.

We were talking about the incident at a fam get together this weekend.

The real-time iPhone-Google searches came up short.

But, a friend (and loyal Homa Files reader) dogged for the facts.

Best she could find: Some dude named Bob throws 10 grains in his whole grain hot cereal.


Now, all we have to figure out is which grain didn’t make Uno’s cut.

Anybody know?

Thanks to MET for feeding the lead.

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4 Responses to “Uno’s 9-grain pizza crust … bet you can’t name the 9 grains!”

  1. Bernard Nossuli Says:

    1. rye,
    2. corn grits,
    3. brown rice,
    4. oat flakes,
    5. triticale flakes,
    6. soy grits,
    7. flax seed,
    8. millet, and
    9. barley

    You need better google skills!!!

  2. Peter Gasca Says:

    Mmmmm, triticale flakes.

  3. Chris Says:

    but shouldn’t it be “Uno’s 8-grain + 1 legume crust”?

  4. Elyse Says:

    Flax is technically not a grain either.
    Maybe they should have called it “plethora of plants pizza”?

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