Before you cut the football team, band, honors classes and hot lunches …. consider these places to cut government spending

According to an IBD recap

The Government Accountability Office’s latest annual report on government waste and duplication found 31 areas in the government that overlap, duplicate efforts or are egregiously inefficient.

That’s on top of the 131 found in its previous two annual reports …. the vast majority of which have been totally ignored by Obama’s crack team of budget-cutters.


Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who pushed for this report, figures the latest examples alone add up to $95 billion — more than the spending cuts under this year’s “sequester.”

Here are some of head-scratchers that the GAO found …

President Obama has added several programs where many already existed.

There are  23 agencies pushing more than 670 renewable energy programs …  many of these programs targeted the same wind projects.

4  federal agencies run 21 separate college aid programs that cost more than $140 billion a year.$4.5 billion spent is by 15 federal agencies on 76 overlapping drug abuse programs.

Three federal agencies have responsibility for inspecting a catfish. 

Whatever happened to going through he budget line-by-line with a fine tooth comb?

I guess all they found were the White House tours …

Full GAO Report

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2 Responses to “Before you cut the football team, band, honors classes and hot lunches …. consider these places to cut government spending”

  1. Andrew L. Says:

    Keep in mind three things as you read the report:
    1) These are primarily changes that agencies could make without Congressional action. Meaning that Federal agencies waste this money either because they want to or are unable to stop themselves. Army AMC spends literally billions of dollars to support 30+ information systems that have seen no use in years

    2) Fully 80 of the wastes included in the current report were also reported in 2011 and since that time, agencies did next to or nothing to achieve the savings. Meaning that the vast majority of this has been delivered to agencies and ignored for several years.

    3) None of this counts the cost to business, citizens, and other layers of government. Vets jerked around, multiple levels of inspection, and no one responsible for helping people actually train people for and place them in jobs

    This is why rational people hate taxes. It’s not so much that they hate paying “their share” or providing the safety net, it’s that the money they earn working late at night, on the weekend, or during their kids’ games is squandered by some listless, faceless, self-entitled jackass bureaucrat.

  2. Sue Colletti Says:

    Ken, did you catch this one?


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