An IRS agent, an FBI agent and a gardener ….

No, this isn’t the lead line of a bad joke.

It’s a question of priorities.


Let’s start with the gardener …

This tidbit was passed along by a couple of loyal readers:

With the effects of the sequester kicking in and furloughs of Federal workers underway, it appears that Washington is getting ready to cut back on expenses even when it hurts.

Sec of State John Kerry warned that “the State Department will have to stop humanitarian aid to millions of people and delay efforts to ramp up diplomatic security abroad after the attack in Benghazi.”

Those budget items must be cut to protect important things, like $704,198.30 on gardening services at the Ambassador’s mansion at the U.S. Embassy to NATO in Belgium.

The award provides for grass cutting, edging, trimming, weeding, and other gardening and landscaping services. It will also mandate the planting of 960 violas, tulips, and begonias.

The frighteningly-specific contract says that “any pruning of trees exceeding 2.5 m in height is excluded from the contract. The Contractor shall maintain the height of grass between 4 and 6 centimeters.”  Source

Now for the FBI agent ….

We have a family friend who is an FBI counter-intelligence special agent.

Smart, jacked, well-trained and very, very dedicated to ferreting out bad guys and saving our lives.

A couple of weeks ago he was informed that – because of the Sequester — he would be furloughed 1 day every 2 weeks without pay and would have no authorized overtime.

Think about it.

The gardener is Belgium is a higher priority to the Administration than a counter terrorism agent.

Now, in light of Boston, that seems pretty ridiculous doesn’t it?

Let’s up the ante and fast forward to 2014.

The Administration is hiring 16,000 IRS agents to chase down folks who don’t comply with ObamaCare mandates.

Now, there’s a clear and present danger if I ever saw one.

Simple question: now that Boston has has provided hard evidence that there are radical terrorist cells here in the U,S.prepping for stateside attacks … if your were President, would you hire 16,000 IRS ObamaCare enforcers … or 16,000 FBI counter terrorist agents to infiltrate and break up terrorist cells before they kill and maim citizens?

Seems like a no brainer to me …

* * * * *
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