Gotcha: Soon, speed cams will be so yesterday …

Speed cams are bad but …

Imagine all speed limits being tightly enforced … 24 X 7.

Scary thought, right?


Here’s what will replace the speed cam … and disrupt our lives.

First, the dots that connect.

Recently, I received something from State Farm offering me a discount on my auto insurance if I sign-up to have my driving monitored by OnStar or another geo-based system.

The pitch: would tailor my rates to my driving behavior (e.g. miles per day) and save me money.

Yeah, right?

Then, got a letter from the Montgomery County “Safe Speeds” program alleging that a family car car was snapped speeding … you know, the usual: multi-lane road, down a hill, right where the speed limit changed from 45 to 30 … boom!

Then, caught the article about how some locales are shortening the duration of yellow lights … doubling the number of cars snapped by red light cams.

Finally, been doing reading on predictive analytics … and geo-spatial tracking … you know, sending your cell a coupon when you’re proximate to a specific store or restaurant.

Connecting the dots:

It’s a no brainer that revenue hungry locales (err, I mean “safety conscious” locales, will someday start monitoring how fast your car is going … everywhere you’re driving.

It’s simple … the technology components already exist … they just need to be combined.

Some auto-GPS devices already tell you how fast you’re going … all they need to do is calc the time interval between GPS coordinates.

And, I think, there are already cyber-maps of road sections … with their speed limits

The final puzzle piece: a way to cyber-track your car.

Kinda like OnStar does …


* * * * *
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