The curse of the “two rogue agents in Cincinnati” defense …

Team Obama would still like us all to believe that it was just two rogue agents in Cincinnati were responsible for the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Well, that defense seems to be working against them in the phone flap and internet snooping bruhaha.


Specifically, the President argues that his and the other branches of government provide adequate safeguards to preclude any abuse.

Well, what if tow rogue agents decide to go IRS on the security data?


Peggy Noonan states the case more elegantly in her blog … here’s an excerpt …

There is no way a government in the age of metadata, with the growing capacity to listen, trace, tap, track and read, will not eventually, and even in time systematically, use that power wrongly, maliciously, illegally and in areas for which the intelligence gathering was never intended.

People are right to fear that the government’s surveillance power will be abused.

It will be. There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is that humans are and will be in charge of it, and humans have shown throughout history a bit of a tendency to play every trick and bend and break laws.

“If men were angels,” as James Madison wrote, limits, checks, balances and specifically protected rights would not be necessary.

But they aren’t angels.

Add to all this simple human mistakes, innocent and not, and misjudgments.

And add to that sheer human craziness, partisan lust, political mischief of all sorts.

Imagine Lois Lerner at the National Security Agency. .

So if we have and develop a massive surveillance state, it will be abused.

And that abuse will, down the road, do damage not only to individuals but, quite probably, to the nation’s morale, to its very vision of itself.

But it will make us – or allow us to feel — physically safer.

And it may help break real terror networks bent on real mayhem.

If two rogue agents could stir the IRS pot, what’s to keep a couple of other rogues decide to target off the NSA data?

Or worse, what if — as the Atlantic asks – What If China Hacks the NSA’s Massive Data Trove?

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