Feds: “Hire ex-cons … we do” … say, what?

Let’s connect a couple of dots from recent articles that caught my eye…

The first is a NY Post exclusive that the “State Department has hired agents with criminal records”.


Here are the details … and a couple of odd twists.

From the NY Post article:

The State Department has hired an alarming number of law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds because of a flawed hiring process, a stunning memo obtained by The Post reveals

The memo goes on to state that the troubling backgrounds can pose a problem if the agents are needed to testify at trials to assist prosecutors.

Memo to the State Department: Disqualification from testifying at trials may be the least of the problem.

Here’s a twist to the story.

Here’s the story of one ex-con agent was fingered for doing some bad stuff.

After “being told he would end up in a Thai prison, his wife would lose her job and his children would be pulled out of school, [the man] attempted suicide by jumping out of the 16th-story window at a hotel in Bangkok.”

Fortunately, he landed on a tarp on the 10th floor and sustained minor injuries.”

Even if the guy made the cut as an ex-con, he should have been disqualified for being an idiot.

Sounds kinda like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


And, apparently the Feds want private companies to adopt their practices.

According to the WSJ, some 92% of employers use criminal-background checks for some or all job openings.

The Feds think that’s a bad idea:

Are criminal background checks racist? That’s the startling new legal theory that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission unveiled this week in lawsuits against employers. WSJ

Federal regulators accused two large employers of improperly using criminal-background checks in hiring. 

Rules concerning criminal-background checks are …  the latest salvo in a contentious debate over whether such screening amounts to discrimination against black applicants since blacks are convicted of crimes more often than whites

The suits underscore increasing government scrutiny of criminal and credit checks, which are widely used to screen job applicants.

A growing number of states and cities regulate the use of background checks for employment.

The government rules pose challenges for employers, which don’t want people convicted of financial crimes handling money or people with violent histories to be in contact with customers.  WSJ

To be clear, I’m opposed to discrimination in employment, and I think folks should get 2nd chances,

But … should the Feds be pushing private companies to hire ex-cons?

I can easily envision the Feds hauling companies into court when an ex-con hire goes off-track.

Maybe the State Department should just step-up its hiring.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

* * * * *
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