Frozen Twinkies: “No impact on quality or taste” … say, what?

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on Twinkies near-death experience.

You probably remember that Hostess Brands – Twinkies parents – filed for bankruptcy after one of its unions balked at a new contract … concluding that no wages were better than low wages.

The company’s brands and assets were bought by Metropoulos & Co and Apollo Management Group.


The new owners are consolidating operations, ditching the high wage unions and … deep-freezing Twinkies.

We’re not talking metaphorically – as in killing the brand – we’re talking literally … freezing the product for storage and distribution.

The New York Post scooped that some retailers requested a frozen version of Twinkies.

When I first saw the headline — “Hostess will freeze seemingly indestructible Twinkies” — I thought: “Hmmm … a new frozen treat”


Logic is that retailers will be able to buy in bulk, stick the Twinkies in the freezer, and then move them to store shelves when needed.

Strictly a logistics play.

Stretching Twinkies retail “life” from its current preservative-enabled 45 days to near-infinity … and, oh yeah,  circumventing the union delivery men.

Here’s the best news.

The company is assuring fans that

Freezing Twinkies will have “no impact on the quality or taste of the product

… any suggestion that Hostess is changing the integrity of the iconic snack cakes consumers have loved is completely untrue

… when consumers bite into Hostess products again, they will, without question, have the same delicious experience that has given these great brands their enduring appeal.”

Whew, that’s a relief.

* * * * *
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