How much does IQ influence business success?

According to the latest research, IQ accounts for what portion of career success?

a. 50 to 60 percent

b. 35 to 45 percent

c. 23 to 29 percent

d. 15 to 20 percent




The answer …


From the book A Whole New Mind

Daniel Goleman, author of the groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence, has examined an array of academic studies that have attempted to measure how much IQ (which, like the SAT, measures left-brain prowess) accounts for career success.

What do you think these studies found?

The answer: between 4 and 10 percent.

(Confining oneself only to the answers presented is a symptom of excessive Left  Brain Thinking.)

According to Goleman, IQ can influence the profession one qualifies for and enters.

A low IQ, for instance, precludes a career in astrophysics.

But within a profession, mastery of Left Brain Thinking matters relatively little.

More important are qualities that are tougher to quantify — imagination, joyfulness, and social dexterity.

Source: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, Daniel Pink,  Penguin Group, 2006


Said differently, IQ is necessary but not sufficient.

It’s necessary to qualify, but not sufficient for success.

Soften up left-brainers.

* * * * *
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