America’s Got Talent … well, kinda.

Some loyal readers have asked why HomaFiles has been light on America’s Got Talent reviews this year.


Well, to be blunt, I thought it was an awful season. 

That’s bold revelation since I’ve been defending the show to family and friends for a couple of years.

The judges passed through a barrage of horrible acts … including one that consisted of a group of guys playing a fat man’s belly like a drum.

Gimme a break,

I boycotted the show for a couple of weeks, but got siren-called back for the last couple of rounds.

This week was the grand finale.

Here’s the good news: the best performer in the competition – by far – won the million bucks.

Here’s the rub …


The grand prize winner was a dude named Kenichi Ebina.

First, let me say flat out: the guy is amazingly creative and a great mime-dancer. 

Many incredible moves that I hadn’t seen before.

There are a couple of greatest hits video links below.  You can see for yourself.

Here’s my beef.

The guy is from Japan … he even says so in one of the promos leading up to his act.

I don’t mean that he’s originally from Japan and now lives in the U.S.

I mean he’s from Japan.  Period.

Nothing wrong with that except that the show is America’s Got Talent.

Shouldn’t the winner be, say, an American resident?

I guess that happens  if you have one judge from Germany (Heidi Klum), another from Australia (Spice Girl Mel B.), one from Mars (Howie Mandel) … and Howard Stern – who openly showed his disdain for the other judges.

Oh, well … the good news is that Kenichi is a world class talent.

When you watch the clips below, keep a couple of things in mind:

(1) Kenichi thought all of these routines up himself.

(2) Every dancer-character that you see is Kenichi …  there’s Kenichi live and  a slew of pre-recorded Kenichis that interact with him.

(3) There are no mirrors … just a live Kenichi and the troop of video Kenichis … his timing and coordination is unbelievable.





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2 Responses to “America’s Got Talent … well, kinda.”

  1. Alex S Says:

    Maybe you also liked him just a little bit because his name is similar to yours? Ken…Ichi.
    Have a great weekend, Ken-san!

  2. ealooker Says:

    He said he is from Japan, because he was born in Japan and just moved to the States when he was 20 years old as a student. What should he say in the interview when he was asked where he came from? Technically his answer Japan is correct.

    Should he deny his country of birth to please Americans? I am surprised that anyone could even think mega operation like NBC AGT wouldn’t check Ebina’s status before he joined the competition. From NBC AGT rule, contestants must be:
    1) Permanent resident or
    2) US citizen or
    3) Possess EAD (work visas)

    Kenichi has spent majority of his life in New York. He studied at U of Bridgeport 20 years ago and stayed in the U.S. He said that only recently (last year) he moved to Japan, but even then, he very frequently travelled to the States to perform in various clubs and venues. In his own words, he said New York is where he feels at home.

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