Nums: Unemployment rate drops again … oh, really?

Feds say that “economy continues to recover … as indicated in the drop in the unemployment rate to 7.2%”.


Great chart from Wall Street Daily:



Conclusion: Apparent improvements in the unemployment rate continue to be mostly a reflection of a declining labor force participation rate … more and more folks dropping out of the labor force and staying home.

Frustrated by dim jobs’ prospects or satisfied with the government safety net programs .. or both?

Draw you own conclusion.

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2 Responses to “Nums: Unemployment rate drops again … oh, really?”

  1. Los Says:

    Baby boomers retiring. “Welfare Queens” is not the type of argument I would expect here.

    • Andrew L. Says:

      Actually, this is not Baby Boomers retiring. In 2010, the employment-population ratio for 25-54 was 80% and today it is much closer to 75%. BLS is actually projecting workforce participation for 65+ to go up.

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