QwikTakes: A branch of showbiz … idiots.

A couple of killer quotes from today’s WSJ editorial …

More and more it seems obvious that the vast majority of the politicians who pushed the bill in the House and Senate never read it.

They didn’t know what was in it.

They had no idea.

They don’t understand insurance.

They’re in politics, a branch of showbiz.


Some of them would have tried to read it, but it was 2,000 pages of impenetrable paragraphs — real word-clots, word-slabs — accompanied by long lines of swimming numbers.

Comprehensive bills are never comprehensible ones — they are meant to lack clarity.


You can sort of think you know what you’re saying when you say things like, “When each local exchange module launches it will reflect a national weighting of ‘invincibles’ and ‘ancients’ that will stabilize prevailing market realities while providing broader access not only to the poor but to those who currently have non-grandfathered or insufficient plans. So in the end it’s win-win for everyone.”

Say, what?


Most of them had no idea what they were voting for.

They’re as surprised as anybody at what’s happened.

And it’s not only because so many of them are idiots.

They believed what they were told

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