Must Read: NYT on the “ObamaCare Crisis”

I don’t often cite the NYT … here’s an exception.

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One of the best recaps of the ObamaCare issues with some emphasis on the redistributive effect … not from rich to poor … but from the working middle class to the poor.

My opinion: The web site was the detonating device … the crush of the middle class – in the labor & insurance markets — is the bomb that’s about to go off as folks realize the implications of the law.

As the WSJ puts it today:

Americans are beginning to understand that the essence of the Affordable Care Act is that millions of people are being conscripted to buy overpriced insurance they would never choose for themselves in order to afford Mr. Obama monies to spend on the poor and those who are medically uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions.

The ObamaCare exchanges (will likely) devolve into refuges for those who are medically uninsurable.

Having assumed the job of subsidizing these people, the federal government should do so honestly and openly and efficiently.

Redistribution is a popular idea as long as you’re filthy rich … or when it’s somebody else’s money being redistributed.

When it’s your money, it loses some of its sheen … especially if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck with little money to redistribute.

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