Let’s have a little fun with the nuns …

When I heard the news report, I thought it was a joke.

The full force of the DOJ is being thrown at, believe it or not …


Not just nuns, “little” nuns.

Not just little nuns, little nuns who dedicate their lives to God and spend every waking hour praying or caring for the poor.

Not just little nuns who care for the poor, little poor-caring nuns who are, on average, probably about a hundred years old.

These are the nuns who are literally icons for the helpless.

So much so that weak sports teams – like those on Georgetown’s early season basketball schedule — have forever been referred to as representing The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Those Little Sisters of the Poor.


What’s the government’s beef?


The nuns don’t need or want ObamaCares’s birth control benefits, and they don’t want to pay for other people’s birth control.


Because it’s the Little Sisters’ strong religious belief that artificial birth control is immoral.

Sure, that point is debatable (to say the least), but that’s not the point.

Should the government be able to force a religious group to violate their sincere beliefs?

Strikes me as a bad precedent … for all of us.


This case caught my interest for a couple of reasons …

First, is the hypocrisy issue.

Anti-bullying campaigns are in vogue these days.

But, I haven’t heard any chatter about the Little Sisters of the Poor being bullied by a government that passes out ObamaCare exemptions to its friends like they’re penny candies.

Big friends like labor unions … who can’t be bullied.

Can you imagine the Administration going after, say, a Muslim group that was stiff-arming an ObamaCare provision?

I’d bet the under on that one.


Also, the news report brought to mind Airplane —  the old Leslie Nielsen movie.

One of the classic scenes was a num getting patted down at an airport security checkpoint while shady dudes wearing boxing gloves and packing machine guns strolled right by the screeners.

You see, nun-bullying is not a new thing.

scene from Airplane


And of course, that scene brought to mind the real life scene of an elderly nun being patted down at Dallas-Fort Worth airport in 2007 … by a Muslim TSA agent no less.



Does all of this strike anybody else as a bit wacky?

C’mon DOJ … pick on somebody your own size … stop bullying a bunch of nuns.

* * * * *
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