A setback for E + R = O

A couple of week’s ago, I posted  Life: E + R = O

I’ve often told students: “You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can always control the the way you respond to it.”

I didn’t always walk the talk, so I needed a booster shot.

And, I got one from Urban Meyer – Ohio States’s head football coach –   who preaches the E + R = O principle to his players … even has them wear wristbands.

Say, what?

Answer: Event + Response = Outcome

Well, E + R = O was put to a test when Ohio State lost to Clemson in the Orange Bowl

The E was the loss.

The R was …



Not a big deal, but doesn’t exactly advance the cause.

Now, there’s a bigger test for Coach Meyer and the  E + R = O philosophy …


Since he arrived at OSU, the Buckeyes have cruised through their Big Ten rivals like a hot knife thru butter.

24 wins in a row.

Easy to keep your “R” composed when you’re on a roll … and the press is treating you like a 2nd coming.

Tougher when the headlines start reading …



Let’s see if Urban keeps glancing down at his wristband … giving E + R = O the respect it deserves


BTW: The 3 reasons are (1) lack of attention to defense  (2)

2 Responses to “A setback for E + R = O”

  1. Cirrito Says:

    Go Tigers!

  2. Thoughtful Questions Says:

    How’s E + R = 0 looking now that the Bucks lost 2 QBs and STILL WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

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