More re: Labor Force Participation Rates

Earlier this week, I posted a chart showing that the LFPR among Blacks (the Fed’s data series description)

My observation was:

Black’s LFPR increased by about 7 percentage points since the mid-1970s (earliest that the data is reported) to 2000 – when it peaked at about 66% …. the rate has dropped to just over 60% …. the declining trend has steepened.

A loyal reader suggested that I put those numbers in context … and linked me to a chart that displays all of the Fed’s demographic categories.

His observation: the recent trend has been fairly consistent across all racial categories,

  • Key: Hispanic = purple; White = green; Black = orange



Note that in the late 1990s,  LFPR’s were roughly equal for all groups

Since then, Hispanics have run above average LFPRs …

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