6 million is a “sliver”, but 7 million is a huge success … say, what?

Yesterday, President Obama took a victory lap for getting over 7 million folks to put a free or heavily discounted ObamaCare policy in their shopping basket or to click the “I tried, don’t fine me” button.

Still no word on how many folks “bought” policies … i.e. paid the 1st months premium  … insurance companies say that 20% haven’t.

And, McKinsey says 73% of the 7.1 million are from the pool of over 6 million folks who had their insurance policies cancelled because of ObamaCare.

Focus for a second on that 6 million number.

At the time the cancellations were announced, Jay Carney – Obama’s front man — said the 6 million is “just a sliver or cut of the  5% of the people on the individual market who are affected.”

Here’s the video clip.  The killer quote comes at about the 2:20 mark

 click to view video


Let me be sure that I understand: 6 million is a “sliver” but 7 million is a big number.


What if the 7.1 turns out to be only 1.5  … [7.1 X 80% X 27% = 1.5]

Won’t that be smaller than a sliver?


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