The Dude Factor …

Recently, “Dude” has gained some surged visibility.

First, a light touch …

A couple of weeks ago we posted the gone-viral of the nun who rocked the house on Italy’s version of The Voice

Part of the story’s punch line was the nun picked the bad boy rapper dude to be her coach.




Here’s a way more serious Dude incidence that has gone viral…


A 30-something wisecracker who served as a press corps bus driver on the Obama 2008 campaign (no kidding) and then got promoted to a prominent role on Obama’s National Security team went on FoxNews to school Bret Baier.

In response to a Benghazi question, he quick-quipped: “Dude, that was like 2 years ago.”

With that wisecrack, Tommy may have become the 2014 face of the Obama administration

Must see: click to view

Sleep well knowing that — since Ferris Bueller wasn’t available — Obama selected Tommy Boy to keep us safe.


Serious note:

Bret did squeeze some news out of Tommy Boy:

1. He — Tommy — was the dude who altered Susan Rice’s infamous  ‘blame the video — spontaneous protest”‘ talking points.

2. Obama wasn’t in the Situation Room during the Benghazi attack … he was packing for his next-day fund-raiser in Vegas

Stay tuned …


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