My View: IRS targeting Lerner emails, next steps

Some semi-random thoughts on the IRS fiasco…

First, I don’t think any reasonable person can deny that persons within the IRS targeted conservative groups for harassment during the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election.

One interesting aspect is that the IRS actions had nothing to do with REVENUE since the organizations don’t operate for a profit. The organizations spend everything that they take in – i.e. expenses consume revenues, so profits are zero and there are no taxes to collect.

So, it’s reasonable to conclude that the harassment was done simply for political reasons, right?




That’s the why, what about the “who”?


* * * * *

Obama lays it off on knuckleheads in the Cincinnati office acting on their own.

Hmmm … but the practice wasn’t limited to to Cincinnati and there’s a trail leading back to Lois Lerner – a DC-based IRS Director with long, deep ties to Democrat operatives.

Of course, Lerner is presumed innocent, but …

She infamously pleads the 5th to Congress … and, now it’s reported that the only archive of her emails to folks outside the IRS (like the Obama Campaign and Democratic Senators) was on her PC’s hard drive … “unfortunately” the hard drive crashed so they’re lost forever.

Pardon me, but status change: presumed guilty.

Since citizens have to store dinner receipts for 7 years, it strains credibility to think that the IRS doesn’t maintain a near-perpetual server or cloud-based back-up to emails.

Call me skeptical, but I don’t buy it. The emails have gotta be someplace.

Question is: how to break through the stonewall and get the likely incriminating emails.

Her are a couple of ideas:


1. Congress should suspend all IRS bonuses until the emails show up. Pre=print “find the emails” on the IRS annual MBOs for are folks in the bonus pool. That should heighten internal sleuthing. If the emails are really gone, then too bad. An eternal ban on IRS bonuses is probably a good idea any way.

2. Offer immunity from prosecution for the first IRS operative who steps forward to rat out the wrong-doers.

3. Hire an outside Accenture-like IT specialist to come in and do a cyber-forensic search for the emails. My bet: would take them less than a week.

4. Tap other sources who may have the emails sources. Best idea I’ve heard is to ask the NSA – after all, they have everybody’s emails … not just everybody except Lois Lerner. Funniest idea I’ve heard: ask Edward Snowden for his copies

5. Be patient. Elect a GOP President in 2016 … let him / her appoint a new AG who can name a Special Prosecutor who can give Lerner & Friends a taste of their own medicine.

* * * * *

Parting shot: Hard to believe that national networks and papers are largely ignoring this one …


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