Ah, to be a Federal employee …

Interesting piece in the NY Post titled “Federal worker gravy train” … 

It’s not new news, but the Post points out that firing a federal worker is almost impossible, and making a termination stick, is even less likely.

Data published in the Federal Times supports the Post’s claim. (and common wisdom)

Federal Firings

Think about it: 1 in about 200 get culled each year.

Hardly Jack Welch’s “bottom 10%” program.

More generally, data from the Office of Personnel Management indicate that it is five times as hard to get fired from a federal job as from a private-sector one.

It’s commonly claimed that federal workers settle for lower pay in exchange for job ­security.

The Post says: Don’t believe it.


A worker with a high-school education earns 21 percent more working for the federal government than for a private employer, and gets 72 percent more in benefits.

A worker with a bachelor’s degree also makes out better with Uncle Sam, getting about the same wages as in the private sector but 46 percent more in benefits.

Only professionals such as lawyers, medical doctors and Ph.Ds get paid less in federal jobs than private sector ones, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

In addition, the federal workplace offers 10 paid holidays, plus 13 to 26 days annual vacation (depending on longevity) and up to 13 paid sick days a year.

All in all, up to 49 paid days off.

Nice work if you can get it ……


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