Deciding? Check your mindset …

In Decisive, the authors (Heath Brothers) observe that people often approach problems from two radically different mindsets: “promotion” and “prevention”.



The mindset one adopts can bias the way solutions are considered and selected.


A optimistic, promotion-oriented mindset “pursues what’s good”.  It’s expansive and “generative”.

A pessimistic, iented mindet tries to avoid what’s bad.  It’s conservative and constrictive.

For example, the aothors cite different companies strategies during a recession.

Promotion-minded companies continue business as usual.  Sometimes that works and maintains a base for post-recession growth.

Prevention-minded companies adopt aggressive cost-cutting and reign in investment.  Usually works short-run but may leave a company unprepared ntual turnaround.

The authors recommend “toggling” between the mindsets …  thinking “and not or” … cutting waste and boosting productivity, but continuing to invest selectively for growth.

Takeaway: When making any decision, ask “what’s my mindset?” and toggle between optimistic and pessimistic to hit a proper balanced perspective.


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