Does playing basketball make you taller?

Of course not … that’s silly.

OK let’s try a variant of the question: Does education make you smarter?




I bet a lot of you would bet the over on that one.

Here’s what the researchers say …

According to  Satoshi Kanazawa says in his book  The Intelligence Paradox that…

Its a common misconceptions education increases intelligence

It’s the other way around.

Sorry, but you can’t become more intelligent, by reading more books, attending better schools, or receiving more education.

Sure. there is a strong correlations among these traits & behaviors.

People who read more books are more intelligent; people who attend better schools are more intelligent; and people who attain more education are more intelligent.

But the causal order is the opposite of what many people assume.

There are associations among these traits, because more intelligent people read more books, attend better schools (partly because their parents are more intelligent and therefore make more money), and receive more education.

Intelligence is one of the most heritable of all human traits and characteristics.

Intelligence is just as heritable as height.

Everybody knows that tall parents beget tall children, and nobody ever questions the strong influence of genes on height.

But, many people vehemently deny any influence of genes on intelligence.

Nobody ever claims that playing basketball makes you taller just because basketball players are very tall.

Yet they claim that education makes you more intelligent just because more educated people are more intelligent.

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