Little Sisters score one … but fight on for total victory.

Flashback: Remember when the Administration declared war on the Little Sisters of the Poor?

Not ISIS (or ISIL or whatever), the Little Sisters.

You see, the nuns weren’t interested in ObamaCare’s contraception provisions … they were already controlling births very well, by abstaining from you-know-what … and the nuns didn’t want to provide birth control for their lay employees since it violated their fundamental religious beliefs.

So, the DOJ filed a lawsuit to force the nuns off their right-to-life platform and compel them to provide birth control in their insurance packages.

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While the story has gotten buried in the news, things have gotten very interesting …


According to the WSJ

A couple of weeks ago, the Administration threw in the towel and offered the nun’s a “compromise”

In the compromise outlined Aug. 22, employers with religious objections to some or all forms of birth control can opt out of providing coverage themselves by writing a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Federal officials would then contact the employers’ insurance-plan administrators and ask them to make separate arrangements for employees who want to access contraception through their health plans, with the federal government reimbursing the insurers later.

The nun’s response: “The compromise remains inadequate, and the administration should allow affiliated employers to omit contraception coverage entirely from health plans, as houses of worship are allowed to do.”

Or, as their lawyers say:

“The Little Sisters have stated a clear religious objection to facilitating the distribution of contraceptives in connection with their plan in any way.” The fresh proposals “therefore merely offer the Little Sisters another way to violate their religion and comply with the mandate.”

In other words: “Stuff it!”

More specifically, the Little Sisters and a couple of other groups of nuns say they will continue with lawsuits against the Obama administration’s contraception-coverage requirement.

Three nonprofit organizations – including the Little Sisters of the Poor –asked the U.S. Court of Appeals … to block the administration’s efforts to require their insurance plans to cover prescription forms of contraception under a new arrangement designed to shield employers from directly funding or providing methods they believe to be immoral.

Bottom line: The Administration declared their nuns to be over, but the nuns didn’t see it way and plan to fight on.

Sound familiar?

Geez, what do you think ISIS is thinking if the Administration has trouble tamping down a threat from the Little Sisters …




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