Maybe government does do some things right … (Did I really say that?)

Loyal readers know that I’m a small government guy … I’m with Reagan that government isn’t the solution, it’s usually the problem.

I think that the Federal government is collectively inefficient (i.e. bloated and wasteful) and, with increasing frequency, totally incompetent.

There are a couple of exceptions: the Military, the FBI, and — hold your hats on – the pre-Obama NASA


It used to be that I was pro-NASA and pro-space exploration because of emotion.

I can still remember being glued to the TV during the first moonwalk.

Even as a teenager, I felt a pang of excitement and national pride.

Later, I was able to rationalize the spending when I saw my older  brother selling stuff from the space program to commercial businesses.

Of course, last week’s incidents provided two additional rapid-fire proof points.


As near as I can tell, the only thing that the Obama administration has budget –cut is NASA and space ventures.

The shuttles are shelved, and the US is outsourcing required space flights to the Russians or private rocket launchers.

Well, last week, “it” hit the fan.




There were a  pair of launch explosions  last week involving private commercial space ventures.

An unmanned Orbital Sciences  cargo rocket destined for the international space station exploded 15 seconds after launch.

Then, later in the week, a Virgin Galactic rocket ship broke apart miles above the earth, killing one of its pilots and seriously injuring the other.

Sure, NASA had a couple of fatal failures over its 50-plus years.

But, by and large, I thought they did a pretty good job … and made a lot of us proud to be Americans.

Oh, well ……


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