Bitter pill: Harvard faculty thought ObamaCare didn’t apply to them … oops.

According to the NY Times , the Harvard faculty is throwing a collective hizzy fit.

What’s their beef?

In a touch of irony, the same folks who cheer-led the passage of ObamaCare now feel aggrieved because they’re being forced to shoulder some of the costs.

To quote my grandson Ryne, “Oh me oh my.”


Here’s the scoop … with some priceless snippets from the Times’ article

The issue: The Harvard  health insurance plan is introducing deductibles and co-pays.

Say, what?

That’s right.


Because, in the university’s own words:

Harvard “must respond to the national trend of rising health care costs, including those driven by the Affordable Care Act … that extend coverage for children up to age 26, offer free preventive services like mammograms and colonoscopies and, starting in 2018, add a tax on high-cost insurance, known as the Cadillac tax.”

Two things caught my eye.

First, no mention of my pet peeve, the Sandra Fluke provision that dishes free birth control to struggling law school students.

Second, the Cadillac tax provision, aimed at execs and the UAW … but apparently snagging Harvard profs in the process.

Made me wonder: how generous is the Harvard health plan and how Draconian are the increases being foisted on the faulty?

Again, according to the Times,:

Harvard’s new plan pays 91 percent of the cost for the covered population.

Most popular plans on the exchanges, known as silver plans, pay 70 percent, on average,

You read that right: 91 percent !!!!

And, about the Draconian changes that threaten the well-being of the Harvard profs…

The revised plan has:

An annual deductible of $250 per individual and $750 for a family.

A $20 co-pay for a doctor’s office visit.

An the out-of-pocket limit of $1,500 for an individual and $4,500 for a family.

ObamaCare seemed like such a good idea to these jabrones until somebody reached into their pockets for a couple of nickels.

I guess they thought that being on the Harvard faculty was some sort of pre-existing condition.

Kinda hard to feel sorry for these folks, isn’t it?



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