What’s that band on Cardale’s wrist?

An easy question for loyal readers … (who had to know that today’s post was coming).

First, for casual sports fans … who the heck is Cardale Jones/

Answer: the 3rd string quarterback who is leading injury-plagued Ohio State into tonite’s college championship game.

osy cardele jones

Now, about the wristband.

Last Friday, even the WSJ has finally noticed that …

“Jones, like every other Ohio State player, went through extensive emotional training over the past two years, studying a formula that he wears on a wristband on his throwing arm. ”

It’s simple formula for life.

For an explanation, let’s flashback to a HomaFiles post from September 27, 2013 … more than a year ago!

The post was titled: Life: E + R = O


OK, I.m a control freak.

There, I said it.

Along the way, somebody passed along a memorable observations:

“You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can always control the the way you respond to it.”

Fast forward.

A couple of night’s ago, I was watching a replay of an Ohio State football game..

The announcers said that Urban Meyer – OSU’s head coach —   preaches the E+R=O principle to his players … even has them wear wristbands.


Say, what?

I ran and googled E+R=O

Answer: Event + Response = Outcome


Hmmmm … sounds familiar.

And, there’s more …

Meyer had a reputation for being a workaholic-on-steroids when he was coaching at the University of Florida.

It strained his family relations and eventually effected his health … so, he walked away from one of the most prestigious coaching gigs in college football.

Last season, he accepted the head coaching job at Ohio State.

Guess he didn’t learn his lesson.

Or, did he?

Here’s a 2-minute video worth watching … a lesson for life.

click to view

* * * * *
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