Bias: How you do depends on who interviewed before you …

According to the HBR Daily Stat …

MBA applicants may be at a disadvantage if they interview on a day when several others have already received positive evaluations

Specifically, the 4th Great MBA applicant interviewed on a given day Is less likely to get a high interview score


Study results and what to do about them …

In a study of more than 9,000 MBA interviews,  interviewers who have given high scores to a number of candidates in a given day seem reluctant to give a similarly high score to a subsequent candidate.

Researchers cite several possible reasons for the bias, including people’s tendency to underestimate the presence of “streaks” in random sequences,

To counteract such a bias, an applicant would need 30 more points on the GMAT.

* * * * *
What to do?

Easy: Either score 30 points higher on your GMATs …. or make sure that the guy who interviews before you is a complete dufass.

* * * * *
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