Climate change: Execution delayed due to weather

I shouldn’t be poking fun at this since I’m not a fan of capital punishment and for the affected person this is deadly serious businees.

But, I just can’t resist.

On Wednesday, for the first time in 70 years, Georgia was supposed to execute a woman who ran out of appeals and pardon opportunities.




But, things didn’t go as planned …


The women had successfully plotted with her boyfriend to off her husband.

Strikes me as a garden variety whack job, but she was sentenced to be executed.

Along the way, she passed on a plea deal that would have locked her up for 25 years.

Bad decision.

Went to trial … jury voted to execute her.

Fast forward …

According to CNN:

Just hours before the 47-year-old was scheduled to die by lethal injection at a Georgia  state prison,  the Georgia Department of Corrections postponed the execution until Monday “due to weather and associated scheduling issues.”

Say, what?

This is bizarre on a couple of levels …

First, the execution was a lethal injection being done indoors.

What does weather have to do with it?

Scheduling issues?

They’ve had this on the schedule for about 20 years.

How much planning time do they need.

And, there are tactical questions.

Apparently she got her last meal on Wednesday before the countdown clock stopped.

Does she get another trip around the buffet next Monday?

And, a legal issue.

Is it cruel and inhumane punishment to strap somebody in for a lethal injection and then delay the game?

I’m betting that there will be a new round of legal challenges.

What a mess.

Blame it on climate change, right?


Back to the original situation.

I assume that the gal has had some prison wear & tear, but you gotta wonder …

Some guy (her boyfriend) thought that being with this gal was worth murdering somebody.

Plenty of holes in that program …



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