Bizarre: Execution delayed (again) due to cloudiness … huh?

This is getting very weird …

Last week, I posted the story of a woman who was about to be executed in Georgia for successfully plotting with her boyfriend to off her husband.

At the last minute, her execution was postponed because of bad weather … though, it wasn’t obvious (to me)  what weather has to do with a lethal injection being done indoors.

The execution was rescheduled for this Monday.


Once again, things didn’t go as planned …


On Monday, things started off on the right track.

First, she got her second trip to the last meal buffet.

According to multiple sources, she feasted on:

  •  2 Burger King Whoppers (2 x 750 calories each = 1,500 calories)
  •  2 large orders of fries (2 X 500 = 1,000 calories)
  •  cornbread (100 calories per piece)
  •  a salad drenched in buttermilk dressing (400 calories plus 250 for the dressing = 650)
  •  popcorn (650 calories with butter)
  •  cherry-vanilla ice cream (500 calories per large serving)

Adding it up …  her (second) last meal weighed in at about 4,500 calories.

As a frame of reference, an average American woman downs about 1,750 calories daily (men average 2,500).

So, in one sitting, this babe downed about 2-1/2 days of an average women’s calories.

Store that fact in the back of your mind for a moment.

Here’s where things got a bit murky again.

According to USA Today:

Kelly Renee Gissendaner’s execution was postponed Monday night when officials cited problems with the lone drug that would be used for the lethal injection.

The drug, pentobarbital, had a cloudy appearance, prompting officials to call a pharmacist and then out of an “abundance of caution” to postpone the execution.”

Once again, clouds on the horizon … no choice but to delay.

As I said last week, seems like there may be some legal clouds on the horizon … it even strikes me as a bit cruel and inhumane to walk somebody to the edge of the plank and then say “c’mon back, just kidding.”

I’m betting that there will be a new round of legal challenges.

But, I have a suggestion for the Georgia State Corrections folks …

Why not let this gal repeat her last meal every day … maybe a couple of the meals each day.

I figure that within a year, she’ll either have a heart attack or explode.

Gets around the ethical and legal issues … and justice get served, right?



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