The will to win …

Watching March Madness games this weekend, an old quote scrolled across the screen and caught my eye.

It was attributed to legendary – albeit controversial old-school basketball coach Bobby Knight …



Kinda sums things up pretty well these days, doesn’t it?



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One Response to “The will to win …”

  1. TTK Says:

    I think this is a very interesting insight. It strikes me that rising income inequality would contribute to fewer people “buying in” and preparing to succeed in our economy. I’ve always seen affirmative action as an enticement to minorities who had historically been shut out from the college experience and had their corporate options limited. If women and minorities don’t believe they can succeed in “the system” where is their incentive to prepare? Setting aside the morality of equal opportunity, how can we as a society risk the potential productivity and genius being ignored and under-developed? It wasn’t long ago that quarterbacks and middle linebackers had to be white. These limitations trickled down to young athletes, who UNDERSTOOD they could only aspire to certain positions.

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