College basketball is hurting … oh,really?

Driving into school yesterday, I was listening to a sportstalk show that was chatting about the tough times these days in college basketball.

Have to admit, that I hadn’t noticed.



But, apparently there is a lot of trash-talk going on.

According to RealClear Sports:

“The doomsayers cite a plodding pace, lower scoring (67.1 points per team per game this season, compared with 77.7 in 1972), and seven consecutive years of decreased Division I attendance.”

Here are the fixes that the pundits propose … and my ideas.


The pundits say boost the scoring and the rest will take care of itself.

So, how to amp the scoring?

They say: shorten the shot clock to 30 seconds, widen the lanes, call more hand-check fouls in the paint, and move the 3-point line out further out to spread the defense..


First, shortening the shot clock will just induce more late second circus shots, not points.

I say make things super tough for the big guys.  After all, being tall isn’t a skill.

And, the 3-point line …

I think it was the greates sports invention of all time.

Have the pundits noticed that when it was moved back from 19’ 6’ then the scoring started to drop.


I say move it back to 19’ 6” … let shooters reign, not monster-trucks.

Regarding attendance ….

Has anybody thought about the effect of 9 p.m. start times?

I know they’re prime time for TV, but what about the folks attending the games.

I know that I got tired (literally) getting home from the Verizon Center after midnight.

It was the final straw making me give up my season tickets.

And while I’m venting …

How much player loyalty can folks muster with all the JUCO transfers and 0ne-and-dones?

Maybe they shold try putting more “college” into college basketball.

Geez, maybe I did notice after all …



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2 Responses to “College basketball is hurting … oh,really?”

  1. Rob Marshall Says:

    I’m with you on this. This narrative got on my nerves during Butler’s back to back runs to the title game in particular. In pro sports, I read all the time how parity is the No. 1 goal. If that’s the goal, then great. It appears that there’s never been more parity in college basketball than there is now. Yet, detractors bemoan the parity. They want to see a Duke and or an Indiana every year, apparently. You’d think that more teams in the mix for successful tournament runs would translate into more interest for the sport, not less.

  2. TTK Says:

    NCAA plays with the longest shot clock in the basketball world. They aren’t using the time to run intricate back-door sets. They are pounding the ball on the floor for 8 seconds while coach preens on the sideline.

    Having a few big guys used to be enough, but now everybody has size. That is good for the game and supports parity, but here are too many big bodies clogging up the floor. Moving the 3-point line back creates room for dynamic guards and forwards to attack the basket, while requiring more skill to earn 3. Easy to see this works at NBA and international levels.

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