NFL schemes to take some ‘foot’ out of football … say what?

Back in the very old days, the Cleveland Browns had a placekicker named Lou “The Toe” Groza.

He didn’t kick soccer-style.  He  was an overweight “toe kicker” who played tackle when he wasn’t kicking.

Despite all of that, he earned another nickname: “Mr. Automatic” by rarely missing an extra point.

You see, kicking an extra point wasn’t a gimme in those days.


These days, every NFL kicker is Mr. Automatic.

In 2014, NFL kickers converted 99.3% of all extra point attempts.

NFL owners are looking to change that … to put some excitement back into the extra point.


Among the ideas reported to be under consideration are …

1) Bagging the extra point  all together … and just give teams 7 points for a touchdown.

2) Moving the line of scrimmage back to the 15 yard line for extra point kicks.

3) Moving the line of scrimmage from the 2 yard line to the 1 yard line if a team opts to run or pass for 2 points

Ironically, all of the proposals take some ‘foot’ out of football …


Some interesting stats from 2014:

Kickers made over 97% of their field goal attempts when the line of scrimmage was around  the 15 yard line …  not much of a drop-off from the 2 yard line.

Teams made 47.5% of their 2-point attempts from the 2-yard line ….  about 87.5% of the time that the line of scrimmage was the 1 yard line, teams punched the ball into the end zone.

So, what would you do?


My view:

Eliminate the kicked extra point … make the only option a run or pass from the 2 yard line … worth 1 point if converted.

That would give the extra point some real value … it certainly wouldn’t be automatic.

BTW: This was essentially the situation in my high school playing days …  teams could earn a single extra point by either kicking or running … no extra-extra point for running or passing.

Back in those pre-soccer days, the kick was more difficult for a high-schooler than a run or pass … so, most teams ran for it.


P.S. While they’re at it, the rules committee should revamp the field goals’ point structure.

Should  a  20 yard chip-shot field goal really equal 1/2 of a TD?

I don’t think so …

Let’s copy one of the most impactful inovations of all time : basketball’s 3-point line.

How about 1 point for FGs less than 25 yards …  2 for  kicks from 25 to 50 yards out … and 3 points for FGs over 50 yards?

Let’s get creative guys …

And, oh yeah …  if you’re going to take the foot out of football, how about renaming the league?

Maybe NFL should stand for National Fully-inflated-ball League.



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