Shocker: Murder rate spikes up in Baltimore.

As Gomer Pyle would say: “Surprise, surprise, surprise”.


The Baltimore Sun reports that Baltimore has logged 96 homicides so far this year … a 30% increase over last year.

To put that number in perspective:

Last year, Baltimore’s murder rate was 5th in the country … a rate higher than Chicago’s; trailing only Detroit, New Orleans, Newark and St. Louis.

During the same period, New York City logged 54 murders.


Here’s a rhetorical question: What’s behind the surge?


Baltimore’s mayor said that she has heard reports of low morale in the police department.


Some residents of the ground-zero neighborhoods say they haven’t seen a cop since the riots.

Everybody seems to agree that there has been a decrease in “proactive policing”.

You know, things like hauling drug dealers away from their business corners.

Is anybody really surprised by the surge in murders?

Yeah, cops have a responsibility to serve and protect … but when more than 100 cops get injured with no prosecutions, it’s not hard to believe morale is down.


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