Carpal tunnel is so yesterday … thumb tendonitis and AHS are maladies du jour …

From the “had to see this one coming department” …

In the old days, folks who who banged computer keyboards day in and day out suffered nerve damage in their hands & wrists called carpal tunnel syndrome.

More time on tablets and phones may have abated that problem a bit … but, of course, new problems have cropped up.


Here are the son and daughter of carpal tunnel …

First, there’s thumb tendonitis.

According to the WSJ, researchers in Turkey used ultrasound imaging to measured the thickness of the tendon that travels through the carpal tunnel to the tip of the thumb.

The researchers found this tendon was significantly larger on the dominant texting side of participants who texted frequently.

The greater the number of texts, the thicker the tendon.

Texters with thicker tendons reported

Frequent texters also reported greater thumb pain than infrequent texters.

BTW: Frequent texters in the study sent an average of 40 text messages per day.

The Rx: send fewer text messages.


The second emerging health issue is Anterior Head Syndrome … or “texting neck”


So what is “texting neck”?

It’s identified as overuse syndrome involving head, neck and shoulders resulting in strain on the spine from looking in a downward position at hand held devices like cell phones, e-readers, mp3 players and computer tablets.

When you hold your body in an abnormal position, it can increase stress on the muscles, fatigue, muscle spasms and even headaches.

With every movement you make to the front and sides with your head it increases the weight of your head on your neck resulting in “text neck.” Source

The Rx: Stand up straight and face forward when you’re using your iPad or cell phone.

You make look goofy … but you’ll lower the risk of crippling yourself.

Consider yourself warned!



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