95% failure rate gets TSA Director reassigned … not fired?

This is a truly amazing story of our tax dollars at work …

In case you missed the headlines, the TSA’s Inspector General dispatched an audit team to try to sneak simulated bombs and guns past the crack TSA teams at several high traffic airports.

The good news: the TSA agents sniffed out 3 of the fake weapons.

The bad news: they missed 67.

That’s a failure rate of 95.7%.

Not exactly 6-sigma performance.


Here are a couple of story snippets that got my attention …


The biggest shocker is that the TSA Director is still on the government payroll.

He was “reassigned” to an undisclosed position … he wasn’t summarily dismissed.

That’s government accountability for you.

At places I worked, that dude would have been escorted out of the building and told to never return.


The Homeland Security Department’s press release said, and I quote:

The numbers in these reports never look good out of context.”

Say, what?

I’ve been trying to conjure a context that makes a 95% failure rate look good.

Talk about justifying a limbo-low performance bar.


This wasn’t a surprise snap quiz.

According to NBS News:

“This isn’t the first time TSA officers have failed to detect fake terrorists and their weapons. “Red Teams” have been probing TSA checkpoints for 13 years.”

Think about that for a moment.

After 13 years of watch-dogging, the TSA still misses 95% of the tests.


The TSA IG says that he has issued improvement recommendations over the years, but that they’re been largely ignored by TSA.

No kidding?


The HSD Director expressed surprise and ordered that changes are coming: tighter procedures, re-training of agents, more supervision, etc.

Begs the question: why wasn’t this stuff in place already?

We’re talking Homeland Security, right?

Maybe the HSD Director should go ‘undercover boss” and just observe the crack team that he has in place.

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes in any big airport for him to get religion …


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