Baltimore prosecutor moves to keep Freddie’s autopsy secret … hmmm.

OK, I love conspiracy theories … and, here’s one for you.

According to the Baltimore Sun, “Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby plans to seek a protective order that would block the release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy report and other “sensitive” documents as she prosecutes the six police officers involved in his arrest.”

Not surprisingly, “an attorney for one of the officers said the effort shows that “there is something in that autopsy report that they are trying to hide.””


What’s going on?


Mosby says that she doesn’t want the case tried in the press.

Say, what?

That’s the same Mosby who eviserated the cops in a news conference, so her explanation doesn’t wash.


Early on, there were a couple of reports that the coroner’s initial finding was suicide, but that he “reconsidered” and changed the finding to homicide.

If true, the final autopsy report won’t indicate that a change was made – that’ll come out in court testimony.

So, that reason doesn’t play either.


Let’s connect a few more dots.

During the riots, one station interviewed Freddie’s bail bondsman.

Now, that’s a source I like.

The guy had bailed Freddie several times when he was arrested for drug-dealing.

The bondsman attested that Freddie was nice guy who dealt drugs but wasn’t a user.


Another station interviewed a cop who said the when dealers are approached by cops, they often run away (like Freddie did)and try to get rid of the evidence by either tossing the drugs (the preferred option) … or by ingesting them (ouch).


Then, there was another interview with a pathologist who was asked: “What happens when a non-user suddenly ingests a large amount of drugs?”

To paraphrase his answer: It isn’t pretty.

A likely manifestation: convulsions.

Put the pieces together …

Cops suspect a dude is dealing drugs … they approach him … he runs and decides to get rid of the evidence by injesting the drugs .. since he’s a non-user, his body reacts by convulsing … the convulsions are rough enough that he hits his head and severs his spine … coroner rules accidental death.  Cops guilty of a seatbelt violation, but not murder.

Plausible, right?

Geez, if you can’t trust the perp’s bondman, who can you trust?



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