How soon can I get some of those ‘next day‘ blinds?

Of course, it’s a trick question.

I started thinking about this a couple of weeks ago.

Heard a commercial for ‘3-Day Blinds’.

My thought: not a very compelling selling proposition when you’re up against NextDay Blinds


Then, we had a  set of mini-blinds break.

Of course, being instant gratification folks, we called NextDay Blinds.

What an eye-opener …



Step one was calling for a quote.

The store manager was polite and told us the soonest she could come out would be in a week.

Not next day … not in 3 days … next week.

She arrived at the appointed time and sized up the situation.

For a grand-and-a-half, she could slide us into some new premium blinds (with a lifetime warranty).

When my pulse slowed, I asked: “So, can they be installed tomorrow?”


First, we have to have a fee-based measurer come out .

Say, what?

So, can he come tomorrow?

“Probably not, but maybe by the end of the week>”

Then we can have them installed the next day?

Silly boy …

It takes about a week to make them.


So, I ask: “So your company is more like “next week blinds”, right?

An indignant “no”.

“If you do your own measurements … and they’re a standard size that we stock …  and you install them yourself … then they’re next day.”

Of course, this isn’t life-shattering … and the lead-times are probably reasonable.

But, wouldn’t they sleep better if they changed their name to Next Week Blinds?

Just asking …



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