Why we make mistakes: We’re all above average (or at least think we are)

In this and a couple of preceding and subsequent posts, i’ll be excerpting  the 13 reasons from:

Why We Make Mistakes, Joseph T. Hallinanm, Broadway Books

Im above average

Today, we add reason #10 to the list. we all think we’re above average


* * * * * *

The errors we make can be explained through 13 lessons:

1. We look but don’t always see.

2. We all search for meaning.

3. We connect the dots.

4. We wear rose-colored glasses.

5. We can walk and chew gum — but not much else.

6. We’re in the wrong frame of mind.

7. We skim.

8. We like things tidy.

9. Men shoot first.

* * * * *

10. We all think we’re above average.

Most of us hate to think of ourselves as average. So we walk around with the private conceit that we are above average, and in that conceit lies the seeds of many mistakes.

“Calibration” measures the differences between actual and perceived abilities. If you’re as good as you think you are, then you are said to be well calibrated. If you are not as good as you think you are, then you are said to be poorly calibrated.

Most of us tend to be poorly calibrated when it comes to important skills, like those we need to perform our jobs.

Corrective feedback is a powerful way to shape human behavior. In situations where overconfidence is high.

But, feedback is often low in quantity, in quality, or in both.

* * * * *
Next up: We finish the list …

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