Innovations: Lulumon’s “Stuff Your Bra II" sports bra … say, what?

In a CNBC round-up of analyst stock picks, one dude was high on Lulumon because of its product “innovations” like the “Stuff Your Bra”.

That caught my eye, of course.

At first, I thought this post was going to be about false advertising … not by Lulumon, by its customers.


Turns out that Lulumon’s “innovation” isn’t about faux-enhancement… it’s about practicality.


You see, it’s not about Kleenex-loading.

The “Stuff Your Bra II” sports bra, for example, eliminates a customer’s need to purchase other accessories to hold keys or other essentials while exercising.

Think about that for a minute.

Isn’t that uncomfortable?

I can’t imagine sticking my car keys or cell phone in my underwear.

Maybe I think too much like a guy.


On a serious note, that doesn’t strike me as a so-called “sustainable competitive advantage”.

Shouldn’t take competitors long to add a key pouch to their clothes, right?


Factoid: Lulumon’s  median price for yoga pants carry a 20 percent premium over competitors such as Nike.

Given their quality snafus with see-through yoga pants and whip-lash drawstrings, how long can that last?



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One Response to “Innovations: Lulumon’s “Stuff Your Bra II" sports bra … say, what?”

  1. Greg Berguig Says:

    Lululemon’s advantage has actually lasted a long time and their stock price has done fantastic.

    Studied them in depth for a consulting project.

    They have built an incredible community of brand ambassadors.

    Furthermore, their retail $ sales / sq ft are number 4 in the U.S. Can you name the top 3.

    Interestingly, this style of sports bra has been around for about 5 years. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that Lulu designed to jump on the bandwagon. As a wide professor once told me, it’s not first to invent….but first to succeed.


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