Seriously, does anybody give a hoot about the Iran deal?

The Obama-friendly MSM has been trying its best to hype the deal as the most consequential foreign policy act in history … or at least the past hundred years.

Republicans  and Israelis are ranting doom and gloom.  The former largely for political reasons; the latter with legitimate concerns that they’re toast.

So, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty that I can’t get revved up on the issue

Thought Obama’s press conference yesterday might get me interested.


For what it’s worth, here’s my take …


First, about the deal …

Of course it’s a bad deal.

Iran gets billions in free bribe money just to sign the deal … those checks will clear with no recourse … you know, the possession is 9/10ths of the law thing.

So, Iran will have money to spend on its strategic priorities – things like state-supported terrorism … not things like feed-the-people.

Sanctions are lifted, so Iran will be able to buy stuff on the open market again …  a huge windfall for Western corporations who are looking for  growth sources.

The “stuff” will include “conventional” armaments … all of which will be put to good use, I assume.

After staying off the radar for a short period of time, the nuclear centrifuges will start spinning like summer carnival merry-go-rounds … and their nuke program will be back on track … just better financed.

There won’t be any recourse by Western nations … never was a threat of military action and there’s no chance of sanctions being restored once they’re off the books.

Eventually, Iran and Israel will have a high noon shoot-out  …  winner uncertain, collateral damage high.

Sectarian violence will escalate … since the U.S. will emulate the Baltimore City police department and just pull out of the area.

Oil prices will go through the roof … some oil facilities are likely to be torched; some terrorism on the sea blocking pathways … higher oil prices will boost the North Dakota  fracking business and the green energy wave …

The oceans will lower and the planet will be saved … except for the Mid-East which will look like the south side of Chicago on steroids.

Case closed.


About the press conference …

It was billed as Obama going on the offense.

I think they meant: Obama getting offended … or, Obama getting offensive.

I expected some strong logic.

Instead it was the usual “I’m smarter than you are” …  “The science is settled” … “What’s your plan?” … “I’ve got a pen to veto any opposition” … “I don’t need bipartisan support – I jdon’t even need all Democrats – just 2/3rds of them”

Say, what?

That from the self-proclaimed man with the oratory gift …

Very disappointing.


So, I still can’t get too worked up on the issue …

The outcome was never in doubt  … there would be a deal … and the Iranians would get the best of it.

Maybe the Iranian’s margin of victory is a bit surprising, but that’s it.

That’s why there’s dancing in the streets of Iran (and Syria) … but no victory demonstrations in the U.S.


That’s why there are no non-Administration flacks stepping up with public attaboys.

Bit surprised that there haven’t been some Jewish groups demonstrating about the potential threat to Israel.

Maybe they realize that they’re sleeping in the bed that they made when they gave 70% of their votes to the guy who’ll crafted and will sign the deal … come hell or high water.

Oh well … I’ve gotta go wax my boat.


P.S. Did you notice that the heaviest buzz from the presser were re: Bill Cosby’s Presidential medals and CBS’ Major Garrett’s “disrespectful” question re: the U.S. hostages being held in Iran.



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3 Responses to “Seriously, does anybody give a hoot about the Iran deal?”

  1. AS Says:

    Recent sectarian violence has barely affected the downward spiral of oil prices – so what is the logic behind your speculation that oil prices would go through the roof in the event of sectarian violence?

  2. TTK Says:


    Maybe he is smarter than you? Seems to me the science is settled and, from your post, you do not have a better plan.

    It must be painful for you to keep watching this guy win. It must confuse you to see a guy you believe has no brains, talent or integrity succeed so wildly. Just wait. Private citizen Obama is going to keep on changing the world.

  3. Andrew L. Says:

    Sorry, what science is settled?

    Smart, surely. Clever, okay. Cunning, definitely. Pretty sure that we have different perspectives on winning though.

    If winning is “getting your way” domestically record is pretty impressive. Which makes sense, right? Most powerful person in the country should tack up some wins.

    If winning is “getting your way” internationally, the record is decisively worse. Iran will have nuclear weapons, China will have our secrets, Russia will have Ukraine, and Syria will have unabated violence – on both sides of the red line.

    If winning is “America is better” hard to argue that anyone is winning (other than the super rich who are prospering under this President). Employment is at historic lows as is wage growth. We’re falling behind faster in education. The race gap is wider. Violent crimes are reversing their 30 year decline and are back on the rise. Insurance premiums are up. Healthcare costs are up. New business starts are down. Debt and deficit are exploding.

    Less than half of work-eligible people in West Virginia are at work, and yet we just “won” a way to increase the cost of energy while reducing demand for coal.

    But hey though, he’s winning.

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