Still more climate change perspectives …

From “The Coming Ice Age” … to “Global Warming” … to “Climate Change” … to “Extreme Weather Events”

Yesterday, we looked at some of the doomsday forecasts about what’s likely to happen if world leaders don’t take significant anti-carbon action at the Global Summit on Climate Change.

Most of the doom & gloom comes from what scientists speculate happened here on earth a couple of hundred thousand years ago.

Like they have good data from a million years ago, right?

Today, let’s look at some more recent history.



First up is the 18 year “pause” in global warming.


Satellite data has been broadly reported that, over the past 18 years or so, temperatures have bounced around a bit, but there’s zero evidence of any kind of warming trend.

It’s called the “18 year pause” … because some climate change hawks argue that there’s still global warming but it has just taken a time out.

Say, what?

Others argue that 18 years is too short of a time period.

You see, a trend only happens over hundreds of years.


And, in a proactive move the NOAA decided to change the way satellite temperatures were being measured and reported,

Guess what.

The revised data eliminated the pause and put us back on a trend line to hell.

I think that’s called “settled science” … some science dude cooking the books to fit a narrative


OK, the “pause” may be disputable since the data is either flakey … or rigged … or both.

Let’s look at more binary metric.

If warming can only be hypothesized but not proven, why not shift focus to something else …. like extreme weather events.

You know weather-related shocks like tornados and hurricanes.

Well, according to the NOAA Hurricane Research Division, it has been a very long time since the last major hurricane struck the continental United States.

According to USA Today ….

A major hurricane has not hit the U.S. in nearly 10 years — an occurrence that is “unprecedented in the historical record,” according to the NOAA Hurricane Research Division.

The last time a major hurricane made landfall in the United States was Hurricane Wilma in October 2005.

Furthermore, since 2005, the state of Florida – a veritable hurricane alley — has been absolutely hurricane-free.

Not just major hurricanes — any hurricane.

The decade-long drought beats the previous record of eight straight quiet years from 1861-1868. 

How to explain away the lack extreme weather events?


First, claim that counting hurricanes is an arbitrary measure.

You know, not nearly as precise as temperature measurements from a couple of million years ago.

If that doesn’t work?

Simple.  Just argue that it’s simply a lucky streak that’s certain to end if there isn’t a deal reached in Paris.

Oh well …



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One Response to “Still more climate change perspectives …”

  1. Dan Says:

    But Obama just said that 99.5% of scientists say you are wrong! I am sure an ex-community organizer has a strong quant background and is able to look at the data uncertainty, model integrity, and other factors to come to the rational conclusion that the oceans are going to rise five to ten feet and many of us will become beach front property owners.

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