The most outrageous things said about the San Bernadino terrorist massacre …

The terrorist murders in California last week were a horrendous tragedy.

Can you imagine being one of the family or friends of the innocent victims?




For me, it evokes the feelings I had when attending the funeral wake of one of my former students who was killed on 9-11.

I will never forget the look on his mother’s face as she tried to stay strong while standing in front of her dear son’s coffin.

That scene permanently framed my reaction to terrorists and their cold-blooded murderous actions.

With that as a backdrop, I was stunned by some of the outrageous (and dumb) things that were said following the killings ….


Let’s start with “police have no description of the killers or their identities”.

An outright lie.

Now, it is broadly reported that witnesses immediately described them (a man and a woman) and ID’ed the man as Syed Farook.

Proof: SWAT teams were at Farook’s house within an hour

But, since his name wasn’t something like Bob Smith … and since his name might suggest his ethnicity … it had to be kept under wraps.


Once the name was leaked, the easily predicted “rationales” (<= as John Kerry likes to call them) hit the mainstream media airwaves).

Another apparent incident of workplace violence

Yes, it occurred at a workplace … but what instigated it?


Instigated by bullying … co-workers making fun of Sayed’s beard

A reasonable explanation for retaliation in full battle dress with automatic rifles and IEDs?


“Perhaps the couple was just stressed out by being the parents of a 6-month old baby”

Sure, all parents of newborns are stressed out … but they don’t start building IEDs in their garage


Attorney General Lorretta Lynch: “We will aggressively prosecute incidents involving insensitive remarks that incite Muslims to violence

That reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s oft-repeated public remarks that “We promise to bring the person who made the video to justice”

Any chance of placing some blame on the murderers?


And, what kind of “insensitive remarks” might have triggered such an outrageous act?

Apparently, a co-worker opined to Farook that “Islam isn’t a peaceful religion”

That comment itself isn’t dumb, but the reaction to it is: Shooting up a Christmas Party.

Which of course, led an MSNBC contributor to observe: “Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if they had called it a holiday party instead of a Christmas Party


If the outcome weren’t so deadly serious, this stuff would be funny.

Just how dumb do the politicos and media think we are?


P.S.  If the NSA telephone meta-data collection program wasn’t dismantled, the Feds would already have every connection made from the cell phones that the terrorists sledge-hammered.

Now, they may not be able to reconstruct the connections.

Think about that the next time one of these tragedies occurs when pundits are asking “How did these people slip through FBI surveillance?”



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One Response to “The most outrageous things said about the San Bernadino terrorist massacre …”

  1. Bernardo Cabrera Y Zárate Says:

    I do not agree that the NSA surveillance program was necessary. It never yielded any results. There were enough red-flags to detect this guy. What happened is that PC makes impossible to profile high-risk folks of a certain religion or who travel to certain places, which is much easier than processing billions of random phone calls. Like Farook’s neighbor who did not call the police because was afraid of being labeled racist.

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