In Philly, Mayor Nutter apparently was replaced by Mayor Nuttier …

The most recent former mayor of Philadelphia was named Michael Nutter.

His successor – the current Philly mayor – is James Kenney.

Channeling President Obama, Mayor Kenney hit the airwaves on Friday to declare that the shooting of a Philly cop “had nothing to do with being Muslim”.

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Say, what?

The Mayor’s comments followed a police new conference announcing that the shooter said that he “had pledged allegiance to ISIS and that he targeted an officer because police defend laws that are contrary to the Quran.”



And, that’s not all …


Though the Mayor says that the shooter isn’t to be believed …

The shooter’s mother said that her son was “a devout Muslim …. and had recently been hearing voices.”

Police have disclosed that he had taken two recent trips to the Middle East – Saudi Arabia in 2011 and Egypt in 2012.


Perhaps somebody should tell the Mayor what the “I” in ISIS stands for …



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One Response to “In Philly, Mayor Nutter apparently was replaced by Mayor Nuttier …”

  1. neel master Says:

    Mental illness complicates the question of motive, and “hearing voices” qualifies as mental illness. I’m reluctant to ascribe this act to radical Islam. Whereas I’m fine ascribing Paris or 9/11 to radical Islam since those attackers were of clear mind and clear motivation.

    Also, isn’t this just the flipside of someone like Robert Dear, who murdered moms and cops due to his anti-abortion views? Immediately following that episode, all the usual suspects on the Right fell over themselves to insist that Dear’s crime had nothing to do with the pro-life movement.

    Seems to me that both “tribes” — left AND right — try to protect their pet causes from blame when a bad thing happens.

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